100% Tier One Website Traffic-Why?

Why do you need tier one website traffic, does it really matter?

Tier 1 (one) web traffic comes from English speaking countries only and English is the international language so it’s easier to market there (assuming that almost everyone has learned English at some point in life). Also, people from those countries usually have bigger annual salaries than Tier2 and Tier3 countries so the potential in turning them into mid-high paying ,customers is far greater.

Tier-2 Website Traffic

Now, that doesn’t mean Tier-2 web traffic from European countries, for example, can’t bring you customers but in order to market to those countries, you have to speak their language.(Swedish for example if you wanna get leads from Sweden). Also, most Tier 2 and 3 countries may not have electronic payment forms easily available. I have personally talked to people on Facebook interested in a course or program but no access to electronic payment. This language barrier and ease of payment makes Tier one traffic your best traffic choice to build an online business. This is why we at smart-clicks only sell Tier one traffic.

Tier-3 Website Traffic

When it comes to Tier-3 website traffic, it has very little potential as regards the buying power and can only be leveraged for mobile CPA campaigns with Free offers like email submits. So i f this is your main goal and traffic source is of little significance then, by all means, go for it. But if you’re looking to make sales. Odds are 99% of your sales online will come from tier one countries, why would you spend your money to buy traffic that has less than 100% tier one?

Affiliate/CPA marketing is heavily dependent on tier one countries. This is where your sales will come from. Most of these affiliate programs will only accept tier one countries as well. Yes, tier one traffic is more expensive, you may spend $100 and get way more tier2/3 traffic, however, it’s not just about quantity but quality. It all comees down to your budget and what traffic you believe works best for you. If you’ve been spending money on regular traffic out there with no results then maybe its time to step it up and try something new. All the best to you!

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