Three Free Website Traffic Strategies You Might Need To Checkout

None of these 3 strategies require software or extensive monitoring.  Plus, they’re applicable to any market, any product or service, and almost any business:

Simple Swap

In many markets, it’s standard to promote a competitor using an affiliate link for a cut of the sale.  That’s not what we’re doing here.

This is normally referred to as an ad swap.  If you’re on a limited budget, this is the easiest way to build your audience.

You and another person who services the same audience as you will exchange an email to send on the behalf of the other party.  That’s it.  No crazy tracking necessary.  It’s as simple as looking at how many new subscribers or customers you get out of the exchange.

You’re going to need to follow a few undefined rules to make this strategy work:

  1. Try to only swap with someone with a business at a similar point to yours.  It’s not fair to do a swap with someone with a huge customer base if you only have a few hundred subscribers
  2. Be honest.  If you have a smaller customer base, someone with a larger one can control how much they send to you via email list segmentation.  If you mislead them, word will get around that you lie and nobody will want to work with you.
  3. Don’t cheat.  Do whatever you can to provide exactly what is expected of you.  As time goes on, you’ll gain a positive reputation and people will be asking to work with you.

While I’m referring to growing an email list above, this can be applied to anyone in any location where authority matters.  Social media, forums, and groups can provide huge bursts of traffic.  Be creative and watch the traffic flow in.

If you want a structured environment for ad swaps, this site is for you.

Influencer Hijack

What if you could throw a few dollars at an influencer and have them “recommend” you?  You can, but I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian level influencers.  I’m talking about the ones that have no idea what they’ve created for themselves.

Follow the steps below to find the “diamond in the rough” influencers that will be thrilled over any money you’re willing to give them:

  1. Throw keywords that apply to  your audience into Social Mention.  For your first search, use the “all” option, but you’re going to find better results by selecting “video”.
  2. For videos, make sure their primary source of revenue is advertising.  You can do this by fast forwarding to the end and checking out their call-to-action.  You’ll also want to look for monetized links in their description.
  3. If you find monetized links, move onto the next one.
  4. When you find one that is only monetized with advertising, drop them a variation of this note:  Hey NAME, I have a product that is a perfect fit for your audience.  I don’t need you to create anything, I was hoping you’d simply post a link at the beginning of your description of this video:   LINK.  If that sounds like something you’d want to discuss, you can reach me at EMAIL OR PHONE.

This is great for YouTube and other video sharing sites, but it also works very well in forum signatures.  It takes months to build up authority and respect in a forum, but you can throw $50 to someone to post your link in their signature.  Most random people online have no idea how valuable this is, so take advantage and enjoy the traffic you get from it.

Amped Up Content

Content is still king, but the days of creating garbage with the hopes of winning over Google are long gone.

What if you hate writing?

What if you need killer content and don’t want to pay your right arm to get it?

What if you don’t know anything about a topic and have to create content for it?

“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.” ~ André Gide

The goal here is to take something somebody else said well and say it better.  Add more detail.  Make it clearer.  Follow the steps below to make that happen:

  1. You need to gather data.  It all starts with a simple google search for the baseline term you’re writing about.  The “baseline term” is going to be the most generic way of saying what you’re content is about.  For me, “traffic” or “website traffic” is going to be what I’d look for.  For dog collars, it would be “dog collars”.  For video editing software, it would be “video editing software”.  I think you get it at by now.
  2. Create a new document using whatever word processing software you generally use and start gathering questions and answers based on what you find.  
  3. Go through the content you find on page 1 of Google.  You can dig into page 2 if you’re not finding much that gives you the key problems facing people looking for info on your topic.
  4. Next, start checking the vertical search engines.  The blog search, the news search, the video search.  Keep building your document out with questions they’re asking and the answers to them.
  5. Your primary goal is to get to at least 10 questions and 10 answers, but the more you can gather the better.
  6. Arrange the answers you’ve found into a cohesive order that provides tons of value to the end reader.  Rewrite every word.  Add to it to make things clearer.  Make it completely yours.
  7. Post this content on your blog, Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, or as a Facebook Note.

You MUST rewrite every word and reorganize the content to make it your own.  If you just change a word or two, you’re plagiarizing.  If you change every word, you’re doing research.

This is definitely sneaky and borderline unethical, but if you have to create content in a market you don’t know much about, it works.

These 3 tactics require a bit of work, but once they’re setup they will pretty much run on their own.

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