How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website-You can always use more traffic.  This post is all about how To Get Traffic To Your Website

Talk to any internet entrepreneur and they’ll tell you they could use more traffic.  How to acquire it varies by who the business is selling to, but every imaginable way is covered by what I call the “8 Pillars of Traffic”.  If you want more traffic, you’ll want to go through this to discover what options you aren’t currently utilizing in your business.

Advertising Traffic

This is the single largest pillar with tons of different options and possibilities.  The beauty of advertising is that as long as you’re paying, the traffic flows in.  The problem is that once you stop paying, the traffic stops.  

Instead of trying to cover everything (which could easily be a post in itself), I’m going to touch on the most popular choices.

Google Adwords – Easily the biggest gun in the game when it comes to buying traffic.  They’re also one of the most expensive ways to advertise.  In most markets the cost-per-click (CPC) for keywords you’d want to target are over $1.00.  For some markets, you’d be lucky to find keywords that cost under a $5.00 CPC.

To use Adwords without blowing your entire marketing budget in an hour, try to focus on 4 – 5 word phrases that are most likely to lead to a sale.  As someone who blew a $400 budget in one hour when I first tried Adwords without a single sale or phone call, I found success with Adwords when I targeted longer keywords.  If you have the budget, Adwords is worth using to reach your customers.

Facebook Ads – If you have a smaller budget, Facebook can be a great option for you.  Instead of targeting keyword phrases, you’re able to target interests and advertise to a very specific type of customer.  Your ads have to speak to a very specific situation.  It’s also wise to use images in your ads that are not like what everyone else in your market is using.  Try to be unique and you can make Facebook work for you.

Keep your daily budget per set of ads low to start and watch closely to see how they’re performing.  I usually stick to $5 per day for the first few days just to see if the ads are performing.  If they do, I’ll slowly raise the budget and target new interests with the ad(s).

Solo ads – Solo ads are simple.  Write an email and pay someone with a list of people that should be interested in what you have for sale to send it to them.  Generally, you’ll want to send someone to a page where you’ll capture their contact info and send a series of emails attempting to convince them to trust you and buy what you sell.  This can help you build a decent sized email list quickly if you have an email that converts.

Email clicks – At Smart-Clicks, we do a majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to the way we do Solo Ads.  We already have emails that convert, so you just pay for clicks.  Once you place an order, within a few days you get your clicks and they’ll generally convert better than a solo ad.  One of the reasons for that is that we use proprietary software to block bot and fraud traffic.  Every click is a real person.  You can evaluate whether we’re a good fit for you at this link.  Test us out, we believe you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Content Traffic

content traffic

Content traffic is (mostly) free.  Even better, depending on how good the content is, the traffic can continue flowing for years.  I have an article I wrote nearly 12 years ago that still has people trying to buy from creating good content is a good example of how to get traffic to your website

No matter what you sell, content can drive in targeted leads to your business.  While advertising may not allow you to send traffic to certain types of landing pages, content traffic doesn’t have that kind of requirement.  This works really well for list building and sending traffic to a squeeze page.

Whether your content is written, audio, or video, all that matters is that you put it where your audience can find it.  The first place you want to put your content is one a website you have total control over.  After awhile, adding content to a blog or site you own will increase the authority of that site and make it even easier for you to get more traffic.

The key with content traffic is to post entertaining, actionable, valuable info.  If you do that, getting found will happen almost automatically.

Be mindful of what your prospects are looking for when it comes to your products.  If you can teach them how to use what you sell, the odds of them buying it from you go up dramatically.

Depending on who your audience is, there will always be places you should place your content to reach them.  Do a Google search for generic terms that apply to what you sell.  See what sites come up and look in the footer of the site to see if they have anywhere that you can submit your content to.  Many will and it’s a fast way to reach people who should want to know more about you and what you do.

Email marketing is the single best way to drive traffic to anywhere online.  In fact, you should be driving most of your traffic to a page dedicated to capturing someone’s contact details.  Once you get permission to email them, send them valuable content and be sure to include offers where it’s appropriate to do so.

Social Traffic

Building authority on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube gives you the power to drive traffic anywhere you want with a brief post.  The best way to establish authority is to connect with other people in your market.  Talk to them.  Have public discussions about issues related to what you do.  As you do this, your best prospects will flock to you on their own.

While you can buy followers all over the internet, the odds of any of them engaging with you is very low.  Don’t try to cheat.  Be cool.  Be loud.  Attract people the right way.

Once you have a social following, they’ll go almost wherever you suggest they go.  In fact, you can use your social presence to amplify nearly any other form of traffic generation.  If you have thousands of likes on a Facebook fan page, you can advertise to them to drive sales.  If you have great content, posting a link to it can drive a ton of people to view it.

Video Traffic

Wanna learn how to drive traffic to your website using videos?

While I generally consider video traffic to be “social”, I decided to separate because there are a few methods of using video that are unique.

While YouTube is a social network, it’s mostly a repository of video content for any topic imaginable.

Live video – YouTube can also be used to “go live” and interact with your subscribers via your phone or computer.

Facebook is placing focused attention on their live video format, too.  If you want to reach a larger group of your friends or followers, one of the best ways to do it is to do a live video.

There are other live video sites and services out there that cater to specific audiences and markets.  Look around and see if you can find any that cater to your audience.

Webinars – Webinars are an interesting video medium.  Depending on what you do, you can use a webinar to showcase your products, teach something special, or get people drooling over the idea of working with you.  The best part is that you can use a webinar registration form to get added to your email list and registering for a webinar is easier to advertise than a standard squeeze page.

To learn how to generate a lot of YouTube traffic without shooting a single video check this out

Community Traffic

While it can be hugely rewarding, building a community is tough.  You have to drill down and find the core problems for your audience and rally them around a solution.  Depending on the market you’re in, the core message of your group could be about anything from providing emotional support to discussing trends and news.  There really aren’t any specific limits.

If you don’t want to build a community of your own, making an agreement with someone that runs one already can be a huge shortcut.  Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t me suggesting that you go and spam the wall of some Facebook group.  To make this work, you have to build a real relationship with the owner of the group.  An alternative to a relationship is money.  Making a financial arrangement that benefits the owner can be enough to get them to recommend you to their audience.

Without a recommendation from someone with some authority in the community, the only other way to get in front of them would be through advertising.

If you’re going to attempt to infiltrate an existing community to become an authority, you’re going to meet severe resistance in most cases.  

There are people that have spent months or years building up their reputation in a community and they’re not going to want you stealing their thunder.

Be careful, help people, and build up your fan base.

Referral Traffic

referral traffic

What is the best source of new business?  A happy customer.  While testimonials are great, getting your best customers to refer their friends can be as simple as asking them to do it for you. this can be a great way to drive traffic to your website

If you want to capitalize on the power of referral traffic, give your customers an offer they can’t refuse.  Offer a discount, coupon, or special deal that they can only get by referring you new business.

A true referral program will automate this process, but it doesn’t have to be some technically complex thing.  If your business is small, it could be as simple as having your customers ask their friends to tell you who sent them.  Don’t complicate it unless you’re doing so much business that you need a tracking system to manage a referral program.

This link will show you some options for referral software available to track your referral program.

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Relationship Traffic

This is exactly what it sounds like, but I’ll preface everything I’m about to share with you to say that you can cheat by having a financial situation that is desirable to someone that doesn’t know you.

Business gets much easier if you know other people that have parallel businesses in your market.  You can leverage their power in the marketplace and they can leverage yours.

The primary way to work with someone is via an affiliate program.  They use a tracking link to send you traffic.  You send them a portion of whatever sales they refer to you.

It’s a lot easier to ask a friend to send you their customers than someone that has no idea who you are.

We all work really hard to build our businesses and most of us don’t want to just hand over our customers for free.

However, an affiliate program isn’t always required to trade traffic between your business and another.  It can be as simple as an agreement to refer customers without a monetary exchange.

Generally, an affiliate program is a lot more alluring than a simple trade that may or may not end up leading to sales.

Directory Traffic

You’re not going to get a ton of traffic from a web directory posting, no matter what the directory says.  However, it can’t hurt to be listed in them.

Try not to use the same description or title in each directory and get a few directory links to your websites.

Here’s a list of ones worth checking out.

What To Do With This Info

When it comes to traffic, the key is to focus on one strategy until you get it working for you.  Obviously, content and advertising stand out as the ones with the most promise, but content marketing without a social media presence is much harder to do than if you can use one to leverage the other.

The more of these strategies you have built into your business the better.  Many of them will build upon each other and make getting the traffic you need for your business that much easier.

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