My name is [sc name="name"]; and I am here to serve you.

I pledge to get you the highest most targeted and converting traffic that I have within my capability to do so.

Listen I get it... There are many vendors out there selling traffic as well who may price their traffic higher or lower than mine however before making your buying decision... I need you to consider this:

  • Does my competition drive clicks to your offer from a list they own where either right before or after your email goes out to their list; that same list is being blasted with several other offers at the same time? THIS IS HOW I AM DIFFERENT ==>WHEN AN OFFER IS SENT OUT TO LISTS I HAVE ACCESS TO, THEY DO NOT SEE A SIMILAR OFFER FROM AT LEAST 7 DAYS SOMETIMES MORE

  • If you order traffic from the same vendor more than once, are they ensuring that the same people are not seeing your offer again? Because if they did not convert the first time, they won't convert the second time either and you end up wasting your money on unnecessary clicks. THIS IS HOW I AM DIFFERENT ==> WITH ME YOU NEVER GET THE SAME PROSPECT SEEING YOUR OFFER MORE THAN ONCE NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU BUY TRAFFIC FROM ME. I TRACK EVERYTHING

  • Does the traffic you purchase from other vendors guaranteed to come from English speaking individuals even if they're not located in the top 5 tier 1 countries? THIS IS HOW I AM DIFFERENT ==> WITH ME THEY ARE ­čÖé

My contact information is available below if you like to contact me before booking your solo ad traffic campaign.

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