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Have you ever stopped and wondered, how is it that people are able to run their business on autopilot while relaxing at the beach without worrying about what might go wrong. over the years internet marketers have come to rely on several marketing tools to help automate and make life and business easy and smooth. Below are the top tools marketers use, in no particular order. You can click the subheadings to visit the product pages.

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As marketers, we write a lot — blog posts, social media posts, conversations with community members,  press outreach emails, and more. Grammarly, a handy Chrome extension, instantly checks for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes as we type to ensure that our writing is free from errors.


There are many ways to create websites and blogs but I just love WordPress. In addition to being one of the simplest ways to create and manage all your web pages and content, the developer community that creates add-ons, themes and tutorials is hard to beat. I encourage most businesses to use it for their entire site, it’s that good.

Google Analytics

Tracking traffic, trends, searches, and conversions is a necessary and basic marketing tactic if you want to grow your business. Google’s free analytics package is a no-brainer and can give you so much feedback you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Take the time to read and understand everything it can do and you will get even more. Combine it with Site Optimizer and you can begin to do the slightly more sophisticated A/B split testing and find out how to really fine tune your website.


This is an email autoresponder that has an incredibly high delivery rate. I personally have used several Autoresponders and i find Active Campaign to be the best.  If you are new to internet marketing, I hate to disappoint, those emails you receive after joining someone’s list were pre-written and programmed to go out to you when you subscribe. An autoresponder is what sends out these messages automatically to people that subscribe to your list. You can get more fancy with automation rules, segmentation etc. They also have a site tracking feature that essentially lets me know whats happening on my site. Lets just say if you are reading this from my newsletter, i just got notified that you’re on this exact page. This helps you tailor your marketing to what your clients are interested in. Poweful stuff


This is an incredibly Robust Autoresponder with high deliverability as well. A bit more affordable but doesnt come with all the bells and whistles of ActiveCampaign. I currently use both in my marketing and Aweber is a close second when it comes to quality and customer service. Acrive campaign however blows away the competition when you need advanced marketing.


This is another autoresponder, however not as good as Aweber when it comes to deliverability (My humble opinion). however, they have an advanced automation workflow and CRM system. I currently use both Aweber and Getresponse in my business as they don’t all have the same features.


This is a WordPress plug-in that you can use to create amazing landing/capture pages. They also have Optimizemember which can be used for membership sites. the very best part is this software is a one-time payment, you don’t have to pay monthly and for the features you get, this is definitely a piece of software you should own.


Wishloop is a suite of software for capturing and engaging leads. Like Enagefire, Captifire, Amplify and recently the amazing share function. Another software for designing pages that also features a one-time purchase plan or month to month plan. You have the ability to create stunning pages and equally stunning pop-ups. This is also highly recommended and a tool i use every day in my business. You can save 10% by using the discount code “save10”


Did you know you can legally spy on your people that visit your pages? Well, spying might be a strong word and this is not a post on Hohttps://pmad007–, you can watch either in real time or watch a recording of people on your site. This gives you the ability to properly diagnose your conversion factors, are people spending more time reading a particular post, do they scroll and stop at a particular picture, are your pop-ups annoying and getting in the way. This is an insight that you can only get when you watch them visit your site and see how they interact with your content. With this data, you are now equipped to strengthen your weak points and scale your strong points. A tool that I rely on this is HotJar and it’s amazing!! The truth is you can go over your site 10 times and still miss very obvious flaws, watch  30-second clips of 100 people doing the same, and the flaws immediately stand; giving you data to take decisive actions. All session recording tools are designed to not work on pages where customer’s sensitive data is being used like at the credit card check out pages on your site, so don’t get any ideas  ? You can check it out here


Clickmagic is truly magic, you cannot optimize what you cant measure. I have been using clickmagic for over 3 years now and i still find features that i never knew existed. This is a piece of software that tracks all your links and conversions, This data is extremely important especially if you are using paid traffic. Link tracking helps you figure out which traffic sources are bringing you the best results and which one to shut down. You can even track conversions on pages you have no control over like affiliate crazy is that? other features include Magi pops, Magic Bars, Timers funnel tracking etc. Start tracking your links today, your business needs it. Check out this For a 14-day FREE trial to help get started. Wanna learn more about link tracking, check out this amazing post that helps you understand the importance of tracking.


So I decided to save the best for last!! Whether you are an affiliate marketer or you have your own course/products clickfunnels is the holy grail when it comes to automation tools and software. This is a complete suite of products that you will use every day in your business. This is the marketer’s best friend…No kidding. Not sure if it’s for you? click here for a free 14-day trial to check it out and oh you get a free funnel hacker T-shirt as well just for joining for FREE. You can also sign up for  their free funnel hacker webinar to show  you how to get started and be able to copy a 6-figure funnel for use in your own business in under 10 minutes

Thats it for now, the tools i and so many marketers use to run a successful business, you do not need every single tool on this page, only start with what your business needs now and as you grow you will find you need more tools to help automate and make life much easier. Thanks for reading!

#please note that these tools reserve the right to stop all promotional offers. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information on this page, however, depending on when you are reading this, the discount codes shown here may no longer be active. All you can do is try! If you truly want to build your business online, the rght tools are invaluable and should be utilized regardless of discounts.

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