What Are Solo Ads: Targeted Advertising for Your Business.

What Are Solo ADS

What are solo ads? Solo ads are a form of advertisement whereby you pay a list owner to advertise your business to his/her list. This is a very targeted form of advertisement that puts your offer in front of people who have previously expressed interest in your offer. One major advantage solo ads have over other forms of advertising, such as Google Adwords, is the fact that they do not cost much money and can be done on any budget. However, there are some downsides to solo ads which we will discuss later in this blog post!

There are many people who have success with solo ads and use them on a regular basis. This is because you can target specific interests that may not be available in other forms of advertising, like Google Adwords for example. There are some lists out there where the audience really matches your niche to a tee and these types of advertisements work extremely well. Solo ads are a great way to get in front of new prospects and customers who might not have heard about your company yet. They also offer the opportunity to reach out to people who may be interested in what you do but haven’t had the chance to find out more about it.

How To Use Solo Ads

Choose a Vendor. There are plenty to choose from and you can find the ones that match your niche by searching in Google or checking out solo ads directories online. Some places where you can find vendors include Udimi, Facebook Groups, Smart-Clicks, etc

-Design a landing page/capture page: This is the page your visitors will see before they opt into your list. Consider this the door to your business, so it has to make the user curious enough to want to give you their information so as to see what’s on the next page. This can be designed easily with platforms like Leadpages, Click-funnels, etc.

-Find an Irresistible Offer: You need to have something of value that they would want and this usually means either products/services or affiliate offers

Purchase advertising credits: Now that you have your offer and a landing page designed, the next step is to purchase your solo ads from the list owner. You pay them per click. You’ll also need to have an email written up describing your offer. this is the email that the list owner will broadcast to his list. Most list owners can create this for you if you don’t have one.

-Email follow-Up: A very important part of this process is having a follow-up sequence in place that will help you follow up with the leads you receive from your solo ad campaign. You have to understand that most people won’t buy from you right away, rather it will take multiple contacts before they make a purchase. So email follow-up is extremely important. You can do email follow-ups with different products out there that make it so easy and automated. My personal favorite is Active-Campaign. Feel free to check out this post for a list of other email service providers you can use.

Track and monitor quality-This is extremely important especially if you’re new to solo ads. Use trackers like ClickMagic to monitor the clicks you receive to make sure you received exactly what you paid for. Most importantly ClickMagic tells you the quality of the traffic you receive. You get valuable data like country, Ip address, time of optin etc. ClickMagic is definitely a tool you need in your arsenal if you plan on running any type of traffic online

-Start small and scale big: Always start with 100 to 200 clicks from each new vendor and then buy more if their traffic converts for you

Don’t get attached-Test different vendors and see who gets you the best results then you can work with them long term

-Insist on Tier 1 countries: Traffic from Tier one countries(USA, UK, Australia,Canada, New Zealand) have a track record of converting into buyers. SO before you pick a vendor make sure they offer at least 95% Tier 1. Leads from other countries end up being paperweight that won’t make you any money. In the rare event that you find a vendor that offers 100% Tier 1 leads then go for it. It Will cost more but it will be worth it.

Benefits of using solo ads include

You have full control over your campaign: You decide when you want your campaign to start or stop, how much you want to spend and what countries you want to see your offer.

-Targeted Advertising: This form of advertising puts your offer in front of people who previously expressed interest in buying it because they were on a list where others had purchased similar items or services from you already. You pay the list owner (the person running the email newsletter) for this ad space by sending them an agreed amount per email address delivered.

Cost-effective: Compared to Google, Youtube, etc, where you can sometimes pay over $5 per click, solo ads can be a cheaper alternative

Less technical knowledge required-Unlike other advertising mediums, all you simply have to do with solo ads is give your link to the list owner, sit back relax and watch thousands of targeted visitors come to your page, and check out your offer.

Drawbacks of Using Solo Ads

-Bad Actors: While solo ads can be an extremely easy and effective way to get sales, you need to be careful before you decide who to work with. Just like with everything else, there are bad actors out there that will send you crappy traffic, so make sure every vendor you talk to is well-reviewed and has a good track record

Cold Traffic: Solo ad is considered cold traffic, the subscriber doesn’t know you yet, however they are very targeted, hence the need for an email follow-up sequence to introduce yourself and convert the leads to buyers. While its possible to make sales right away with solo ads, a good follow-up system will exponentially help improve your results.

Solo ads are an excellent way to get your brand in front of potential customers, although it might be confusing in the beginning, the rewards for solo ads are usually worth it. So if you’re looking for a new marketing strategy or want to increase product sales online without breaking the bank, give solo ads a try and see how well they work for you. What do think? Let me know below.

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