What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads is a reliable Pay Per Click traffic platform however it is traffic coming from email rather than from search engines. And you only pay when someone clicks over to your website.

This form of marketing is used by top marketers who are looking to get fast surges of traffic to their offer immediately. With solo ads, you don’t have to wait for traffic, you simply decide how much traffic you need and its delivered to your offer over an agreed time frame

This is the best and most targeted form of advertising because you are targeting a large group of people who are interested in the topic/niche of your offer. Which makes it a perfect match at a very scaleable volume of traffic rushing to your website immediately! However, solo ads traffic is cold traffic, this means the people seeing your offer have absolutely no idea who you are and that means you need to build relationships with them.

Most people won’t buy on the first exposure to your offer, this makes it necessary to have an email follow up system in place that does the show and tell for you while building trust with your leads. Check out the best email marketing software here as well as other tools you might find helpful as an entrepreneur

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