Working With Clickfunnels

This post discusses fixing the issues with submit buttons not working as expected. This is usually because the button’s action wasn’t configured properly. Watch the video below to see how this exact problem was fixed. However working with clickfunnels or any software, you will run into technical difficulties and glitches, this is not supposed to stop you from carrying on your business or get you discouraged. There are some resources you can always consult when you run into difficulties

  1. YouTube: Has a ton of how to videos from how to build a blog to how to set up Facebook ads etc. Just search for whatever technical issue you’re having and Youtube has you covered. A lot of people tell me “but i am new to this”, “i am not good with computers” and that’s good that you’re breaking away from your comfort zone to try and build an online business. You however gotta take responsibility for your own learning and growth and in this day and age almost any information you need is at your fingertips. just gotta search for it 🙂
  2. Contact support. creating a support ticket, or posting your issue in forums, will also help you get answers to most questions.
  3. Lean on your sponsor: when all fails and you have genuinely made an effort you can always call on your sponsor/mentor if you still can’t break through.

Not sure what the heck is clickfunnels? This is an extremely valuable tool that every marketer should have. Its ease of use and functionality help take your marketing efforts to the next level. With clickfunnels, you can design very beautiful and high converting funnels in minutes. You can get your free 14 day trial here and i will be able to help you navigate the waters and get up and running.

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